Code Name Type Unit Standard Show More
115753 Conduct outcomes-based assessment Yes More
115759 Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments Yes More
116231C31A Overhead Crane Attachment C31 Yes More
116231C31N Overhead Crane Novice C31 Yes More
116231C31R Overhead Crane Re-cert C31 Yes More
116235C30A Pendant controlled Overhead Crane Attachment C30 Yes More
116235C30N Pendant controlled Overhead Crane Novice C30 Yes More
116235C30R Pendant controlled Overhead Crane Re-cert C30 Yes More
116254C33A Hydraulic Mobile Crane AttachmentC33 Yes More
116254C33N Hydraulic Mobile Crane Novice C33 Yes More
116254C33R Hydraulic Mobile Crane Re-cert C33 Yes More
116254C34A Hydraulic Mobile Crane Attachment C34 Yes More
116254C34N Hydraulic Crane Pickup and Carry Yes More
116254C34R Hydraulic Crane Pickup and Carry Yes More
116254C37A Lattice Boom Mobile Truck Crane Attachment C37 Yes More
116254C37N Lattice Boom Mobile Truck Crane Novice C37 Yes More
116254C37R Lattice Boom Mobile Truck Crane Re-certC37 Yes More
116254C38A Lattice Boom Mobile Crawler Crane Attachment C38 Yes More
116254C38N Lattice Boom Mobile Crawler Crane Novice C38 Yes More
116254C38R Lattice Boom Mobile Crawler Crane Re-cert C38 Yes More
116254C43A Mobile Hydraulic Crane Attachment C43 Yes More
116254C43N Mobile Hydraulic Crane Novice C43 Yes More
116254C43R Mobile Hydraulic CraneRe-cert C43 Yes More
116255C41A Tower Crane Top Slewing Attachment C41 Yes More
116255C41N Tower Crane Top Slewing Novice C41 Yes More
116255C41R Tower Crane Top Slewing Re-cert C41 Yes More
116255C42A Tower Crane Bottom Slewing Attachment C42 Yes More
116255C42N Tower Crane Bottom Slewing Novice C42 Yes More
116255C42R Tower Crane Bottom Slewing Re-cert C42 Yes More
117061 Debranch felled trees using a chainsaw in a production situation  Yes More
117062 Fell trees with a chainsaw using the standard technique and felling levers  Yes More
117069 Cross-cut felled trees using a chainsaw in a production situation  Yes More
117082 Contribute to the suppression of wildfires at basic fire-fighting level  Yes More
117871 Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies Yes More
119567 Perform basic life support and first aid procedures Yes More
120330 Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace Yes More
120370 Monitor and make recommendations on the application of health and safety principles regarding hazardous substances in the working place Yes More
120496 Provide risk-based primary emergency care/first aid in the workplace Yes More
123134 Apply herbicides to noxious weeds Yes More
123233N Cut felled timber using a chainsaw and maintain chainsaw Yes More
123243 Operate brush-cutters in commercial forestry Yes More
123259 Convey dangerous goods by road Yes More
12463 Understand and deal with HIV/AIDS Yes More
12481 Sling loads (Novice) Yes More
12481R Sling loads (Recert) Yes More
12483 Basic First Aid Yes More
12484 Perform basic fire fighting Yes More
12878 Use and maintain Power Hand Tools on a construction Site Yes More
13961 Demonstrate Knowledge and Use of Hand Operated Fire Fighting Equipment Yes More
14560 Handle, transport, store and utilize hazardous materials on a civil construction site Yes More