Code Name Type Unit Standard Show More
DT41 Operate a lowbed No More
DT43 4X4 Training Code 10 No More
DT44 Vehicle combination No More
DT45 Operate a golf cart No More
DT46 Light Duty Vehicle - Code B No More
DT47 Heavy-duty Vehicle - Code C No More
DT48 Heavy-duty Vehicle - Code EC No More
DT49 Defensive Driver Training Code 14 No More
DT5 K53 Refresher course code 14 No More
EET100 Mobile Screening and Crushing No More
EET20 Ditch Witch No More
EET21 Ditch Witch No More
EET22 Landfill Compactor No More
EET23 Landfill Compactor No More
EET24 Earth Auger No More
EET25 Earth Auger No More
EET26 Dumper No More
EET27 Dumper No More
EET29 Earth Moving Equipment Training No More
EEt30 Earth Moving Equipment Assessment No More
EET32 Concrete Mixer Truck No More
EET33 Concrete Mixer with Conveyer Belt Novice No More
EET34 Operate a tip truck No More
EET52 Concrete Pump No More
EET53 Grouting Machine No More
EET56 Crush material using a mobile jaw crusher No More
EET81 Mini Pilling Machine & Hand Held Auger No More
EET82 Hand held Auger No More
EET84 Pilling Rig No More
EET91 Diesel Bowser No More
EET99 Cone and Impact Crusher No More
EET99 Cone and Impact Crusher No More
ESK90 Eskom Accommodation No More
Eskom - Fire Warden Fire Warden/Basic Fire Fighting No More
HS101 Asbestos Awareness No More
HS109 Construction Regulations No More
HS116 Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COID) No More
HS118 Gangway No More
HS120 Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (OHS Act) No More
HS121 Hot Work and Confined Spaces No More
HS123 Not in Use - Refer to US 15034 No More
HS128 No More
HS132 Evacuation Warden No More
HS133 First Aid Level 1, 2, 3 No More
HS136 Sweeping and Mopping Safety No More
HS137 ISO14001 Awareness, Implementation and Training No More
HS138 Basic Management Skills Awareness No More
HS139 Safety for supervisors No More
HS22 Confined Spaces - Vessel entry / Lockout No More